Charise Corsino, MA

Charise Corsino, MA

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Charise Corsino, MA

Program Manager

Charise is the Program Manager for CHCI’s Nurse Practitioner Residency Training Program. In this role Charise manages the operations and growth of CHCI’s NP Residency program of 10 Residents across 5 CHCI locations. In addition, Charise manages the activities of the National Nurse Practitioner Residency Training Consortium (NNPRTC) which is focused on the education and advocacy of post-graduate residency training for Nurse Practitioners on a national level.

Charise joined CHCI in 2010 as the Program Manager for the Statewide Mobile Program and Community Wellness Programs, overseeing the organization’s in-school dental program, Community HealthCorps program, and a portfolio community wellness programs.   In 2012, Charise became the Director of Middlesex County Sites, managing the daily operations of three of CHC’s primary care health center locations.  She joined the Weitzman Institute in 2014 in her current as Program Manager. In addition, Charise completed training at the Dartmouth Institute and is a certified Clinical Microsystems coach.  She currently coaches CHCI’s Healthcare for the Homeless team focused on the improvement of the delivery of patient-centered care in several homeless shelter locations.

Charise earned a Bachelor of Science in Health Care Management from the University of Connecticut’s School of Business and a Masters of Arts degree in Health Communication from Emerson College in collaboration with Tufts University School of Medicine.


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